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You should check your credit annually to ensure that you are keeping track of your credit as well as making sure that you are not a victim of identity theft. You can check your credit here Annual Credit Report.

Once every 12 months, you can review your report from each of the nationwide consumer credit reporting companies: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. This is something you can do to prepare to purchase your property. Stay on top of your credit!

"To The World You May Be One Person But To One Person You May Be The World"

"Because of your smile, you make life more beautiful."

We have people calling every day looking for apartments, houses to rent, commercial space to rent or lease. Why not contact us and find out how we can assist you in filling your vacancies? We'll also help you in managing your properties. Call or email now ... don't delay!

FREE MONEY for First Time Home Buyers!

Local programs for First Time Home Buyers!  The Home Ownership Center has classes for Home Buyers.  They have two down payment assistance programs available for First Time Home Buyers looking to purchase in the City of Utica and specifically West Utica.  In the City of Utica, First Time Home Buyers could be awarded up to $20,500!  This grant is 80% forgivable and 20% repayable.  In West Utica, First Time Home Buyers could be awarded $6,500This grant is 100% forgivable as long as you maintain ownership of the house for 5 years.  In order to receive an application you must attend the Home Buyer Education course, available three times a month.  Create your profile and register here!

Painting Tips

Painting the inside of your home may be easy enough to do yourself, but here are some tips from the professionals:

  • When choosing a roller for your paint job, take into consideration the type of paint that you will be using - oil base or water base.
  • If you are rolling with a water-based paint, you want to use a synthetic roller.
  • If you are rolling on an oil base, you'll want to use a natural roller, such as lamb's wool or natural fiber.
  • Be aware that rollers with loose fibers could ruin your paint finish.
  • If you can pluck the bristles out, then you know many of those bristles will end up on the wall.

Have a Popcorn Ceiling? Here's how to paint it!

  • Cover everything in the room that will be exposed to possible paint spattering. Wear a dust mask, safety goggles and hair covering.
    You should do this for EVERY paint job.
  • Dust the ceiling, using a feather duster.
  • Use a segmented foam roller when painting a textured ceiling.
  • Paint in one direction and stop. Don't roll back and forth because once the popcorn gets wet it starts to peel.
  • For stains, roll or spray paint the stained spot, with the same color the ceiling will be painted with, and let dry completely before painting the entire ceiling.
  • If there is a spot that needs a bit more paint, the best solution is to wait for the first coat to dry and then repeat the process.

What is RADON?

Did you just buy a home? Congratulations! Did you remember to get a basic STAR Application?

If not, no worries ... we've got you covered ... just click here for a Basic STAR application that you can fill out on line, print and mail in or drop off to your assessor! (Feel free to use it if you are already in your home and haven't taken advantage of the STAR program as of yet as well!)

How do you keep your lawns green, plush and looking like carpet?

The last time that you mow it, mow it low and buy some grass seed. Spread the grass seed (a little thicker than the instructions state). Do this right after you mow so you know that there won't be any leaves on it. This way, when the snow comes, your lawn will be sitting waiting to grow the seeds.

In the spring, the seeds will begin to grow way before you are ready. Feel free to rake your lawn in the Spring and seed it again before you mow (a few weeks or more).

After a few years, you will have a plush, green, beautiful lawn and everyone will be wishing they had a lawn as beautiful as you! Way to Go!!!

Breaking News...

Perfect Timing - Furnaces and Chimneys

If you haven't already done so, now is the time to contact your Heating Company and get your furnace serviced. This would include your wood stove, pellet stove and even your gas stove (besides your furnace). They all should be cleaned and in working condition. Don't forget the Chimney Sweeps as your chimney should be checked too for cracks or potential current or future problems.

It is always better to take care of your home's heating sources BEFORE you need them. Waiting until you have a problem is usually when it is below zero and you have no heat. Not sure who to call? Contact us, we have a list of reputable people and companies and we'll give you a few names! 315.853.7251

Stop your water pipes from knocking.

Do your water pipes knock when you turn off faucets? The problem could be not enough air in the water lines. Here is a simple, three step remedy:

  1. Shut off the main valve in your home.
  2. Flush all toilets and turn on every faucet.Let all the water drain out and turn off the faucets.
  3. Slowly turn on the main valve. Some sediment will get loosened, so unscrew the screens from the faucets and clean them out. Do not be surprised when the water spits and sputters a bit when you turn the faucets back on. That's it. With new air in the compression chambers, knocking will be a thing of the past.

Why use a REALTOR®

Smart home sellers realize they need the expertise of a REALTOR® in the sales process. And only REALTORS®, who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® , follow a time-tested Code of Ethics, where other real estate licensees may not.

Contact our office today and ask about the difference we can make for you.

Buying or Selling your home can put a real strain on you ... let our agents put you at ease. Contact us today! 315.853.7251

First Impressions

If you are considering selling your home, one thing to keep in mind is that you have only one chance to make a good first impression--beginning the moment potential buyers drive up.

You can help create that good first impression by presenting potential buyers with a well-cared-for yard including a mowed lawn, clean driveways and walk paths (yes, shovel your snow!). Your front door and porch should be clean and neat, preferably freshly painted.

These first important encounters create a positive impression that carries through to the rest of your home. An inviting atmosphere implies that your house has been well maintained and taken care of. Homes that convey pride of ownership frequently receive the best offers.

If your home appears disheveled or uncared for, prospective buyers may quickly conclude it's been neglected and is in need of repairs. Such a negative impression can result in a less-than-generous offer--or possibly no offer at all.

Try viewing your home through a potential buyer's eyes. Would YOU buy your home?

Contact one of our agents today and we will go over some other tips to help your home sell faster and for top dollar.

Buying or Selling your home can put a real strain on you ... let our agents put you at ease. Contact us today! 315.853.7251


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