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Cal Lyon, 315.527.3723

** We are showing these properties currently.  However, we are pre-screening applicants, taking down names and contact information so that if something arises we are better prepared for all concerned.  Therefore, please be curtious when you call and just answer the questions honestly ... some of the questions are mandated and/or highly suggested to keep all of us safe.  Also, please don't just "keep calling" if we don't answer.  If we don't answer, leave a detailed message (at least your name and phone number and WHY you are calling) so we can call you back.  Unfortunatley, we get numerous calls and we don't call back every number that calls us ... so be sure to leave that message! **

Tired of your current "Property Manager" because they just place the first "warm body with money in hand" but you never see another penny after because you are too busy going to court to evict?  Looking for a Property Manager that will actually MANAGE your PROPERTY?  Call us today to discuss!

Here are some questions that you should be asking yourself if you own property and are thinking if you can do it yourself or should hire a professional company to manage for you ...

  • Why should I hire a professional to manage my own property?
  • What are my rights vs. my Tenant's rights?
  • Can't I just lock them out if I don't get my rent money?
  • Can I just shut off their water and power to get them to move?
  • How do I advertise my property without fear of a potential lawsuit?
  • Can I say NO children?
  • What kind of insurance do I need on my property?
  • Can I do some things to my property but hire a professional to do other things (like deal with the tenants)?
  • What do I have to disclose to prospective tenants or my current tenants?
  • How do I make sure I can make money doing this?
  • How do I evict someone?
  • No Pets!!  I don't want them and I will NOT accept them at all - for ANY reason!  Can I be sued for that?
  • What about Lead?
  • All of those "rules" don't apply to me - RIGHT??!!




Contact Info:

Available NOW!

$750 (util incl)

1671 Taylor Ave 2R, Utica, NY

Cal Lyon 315.527.3723 

Are you looking for a clean, ONE BEDROOM apartment that is in great condition and includes everything?  Close to the Parkway, Utica Zoo, MVCC, Utica College and easy access to Downtown, New Hartford, Frankfort, etc.   HEAT AND ELECTRIC are included!!


NO PETS, NO SMOKING (seriously, NO Pets, NO smoking)


Owner pays for heat, electric, water and takes care of the lawn.  Tenant is responsible for any personal utilities (wifi/internet, cable, phone, etc) as well as snow removal.  Month to month tenancy.  NO PETS, NO SMOKING.


Off street parking for ONE vehicle.  Rent is $750 per month for occupancy of one person.  Second person is $50 additional per month (no exceptions).  There is a MAX of two people (double occupancy).  Available now for rent.


Application on all Adults required w/ credit and background checks performed ($20 per adult).


First and Security Deposit and any per-diem rent due at lease signing (no exceptions).


Prime location, minutes from Hospitals (St Elizabeth, Faxton and St Luke's), MVCC, Utica College, several grocery, restaurant, and retail options. 


Background and credit checks are performed ($20 fee per applicant) - application process.


We currently are showing this apartment!  If you have questions or want to set up an appointment, please contact  Cal Lyon!


WE NEED YOUR RENTAL$0Rome, Utica, Frankfort, New HartfordCal Lyon 315.527.3723

We are looking for renters as well as places available to rent!  Month to month, yearly, whatever works for you, call us and we'll make it happen for you!


We don't just place a tenant that comes in with money "in hand" ... we perform background checks and ensure that what will work for them, you and the property is the best option for all.


Call us today to find out what we can do for you...


Available November$1,600 +UtilWestmoreland, NY Cal Lyon 315.527.3723

We have a potential property coming available in November, 2020.  3 bedrooms, recently remodeled.  Perfect for a business or professional that wants a home business (office on first floor).  Rent would be $1,600 plus utilities.  This is located in Westmoreland, NY and near the Thru-way for easy on/off access.


If you are interested, please call us to discuss.

November 1, 2020$TBD+ UtilMohawk Valley/ Central NY

Cal Lyon 315.527.3723

We need rentals … we have many tenants looking for good, clean apartments and homes to rent, lease.  Some have pets (dog and/or cat) so if you allow those - your chances sometimes are "better" in finding a suitable tenant.
Even if you are not looking for someone to manage your property but you either don't have the time or the resources to find that "perfect" tenant … call us.  We can certainly set something up and walk you through what we can do for you!
TBD$950+ SDSouth Utica, NY Cal Lyon 315.527.3723

Are you looking for a three bedroom apartment that gives you the space you need and the location is central to everything?  Look no further ... We are hoping that sometime in the near future our client gets the apartment completed! 


Each will have a bedroom, decent sized kitchen, living room and a bathroom.  


NO PETS, NO SMOKING.  We are NOT currently showing these as they are not even CLOSE to being finished (sorry). 



Coming soon!$750+1, 2, 3, 4+ housesCall Cal Lyon 315.527.3723
WE NEED RENTALS!!!  Are you looking to rent your home or apartment to someone you can trust?  Let us do it for you!  We will market, show and select the perfect tenant for you.  Take the stress out of finding that perfect tenant.  We can also manage your properties as well (yes, this is different than just finding a tenant, this is taking care of your property for you).
Are you LOOKING for rentals?  Contact us … find out what we have or what we may have coming up.  If it's not on here we may not have it BUT that doesn't mean that "tomorrow" we won't!  Get YOU in OUR HEADS!  If something comes up that we think will fit what you are looking for … we'll give you a call!  No more stress for you.... let us look for you.



We need apartments and houses for rent!!  Do you have one either available or coming available soon?  Contact us today to discuss finding you your next BEST TENANT!  We do credit and background checks to ensure that the tenant we place is a "good fit" with your property.  We can show the apartment, advertise, and fill for you.  We can also manage the property for you so you can just "sit back, relax and live the good life"!  We'll take care of it for you!  Call today to find out more!


 Coming soon!$000location unknownTBD
Details soon
 TBD$000location unknownTBD
TBD - coming soon

Property Management Division

If you have property that you are looking to rent, we can help. We can locate a tenant or manage your properties for you.

We can manage your property and you can feel rest assured that it is taken care of.

Property Management Services

Always wonder what  Property Manager does?  Here is an excerpt  from our Property Management Agreement.  Want to learn more? Call us and we can discuss your wants and needs in more detail!

Responsibilities:  Manager’s duties are set forth below:

Renting Units

  • answer phone inquiries about vacancies
  • show vacant units
  • accept rental applications
  • select tenants
  • accept initial rents and deposits

Vacant Apartments (inspections will be conducted with tenant, if able, and any additional cleaning that is required will be the responsibility of the tenant)

  • inspect unit when tenant moves in
  • inspect unit when tenant moves out
  • ensure unit is clean after tenant moves out

Rent Collection

  • collect rents when due
  • sign rent receipts
  • maintain rent-collection records
  • inform Owner of late rents
  • prepare late rent notices
  • serve late rent notices on tenants
  • serve rent increase and tenancy termination notices

Maintenance (per arrangement either with tenant or Owner, per contract agreements with either)

  • Ensure any common areas are free from debris and clean
  • Ensure lawns are mowed
  • Ensure leaves are raked and properly disposed of
  • Ensure bushes and plants are trimmed and cared for


  • Accept tenant complaints and repair requests
  • Inform Owner of maintenance and repair needs
  • Maintain written log of tenant complaints
  • Handle routine maintenance and repairs.

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